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Benny Hill is a human.

Benny Hill lives in Malvern East

Benny Hill works in Malvern

Benny Hill wants to see a society where people are informed and involved in local government decision making on a regular basis.

Benny Hill is Powered by MiVote.

Digital Democracy


Put simply, digital democracy is a digital decision making tool; using technology that we already use everyday to:

  • Inform the people on issues affecting them.
  • Give the people the ability to decide on issues that affect their lives.

When put into place in local government, digital democracy can vastly change how efficiently and how effective decisions are made; allowing the community to be informed and decide on issues affecting them.

This is a complete contrast to the existing methods of government that most often rely on a popularity contest based on empty promises, where nothing that is promised is actioned or is actioned with compromise.

Digital Democracy helps to ensure that politicians (who are meant to represent the people) actually represent the people and deliver on the community’s expectation.

Digital Democracy


We have all learned by now that we can’t trust politicians.

Every election cycle, we have to try and distill who is going to deliver on promises and hope that they do what they said they would when elected.

Every election cycle, we are still expected (legally obligated) to take part in the political process to cast our votes. Yet, we are disengaged from the decisions made once the vote is cast.

Every election cycle, so much time, energy & resource is put into trying to convince people to cast votes for candidates that might-one-day-possibly represent their interests.

With Digital Democracy, the power of people is given back to the people.

Think Global, Act Local.

Benny Hill aims to demonstrate how digital democracy can work in local government, and hopefully start a wave of change that will evolve into a more democratic society the world around.

Digital Democracy


Benny Hill is Powered by MiVote.

This means that Benny Hill, if voted, will facilitate MiVote’s democratic platform in Stonnington Council.

The result will be a community that is more engaged in Stonnington Council decision making, seeing more correlated council action in their community.

Benny Hill knows that he will have to work within the existing framework of local government, but intends to evolve the decision making engagement over the 4-year term.

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Digital Democracy


If Benny Hill is elected to be a Stonnington Council councillor representing East Ward in 2020, he will commence embedding the aforementioned MiVote digital democracy platform.

This will include putting forward decisions that are the people of Stonnington Council - East Ward’s decisions. Therefore being the mouthpiece and facilitator of at least a 60% majority of the community on an issue by issue basis.

So, why not be a part of a group of people that can tell their grand-kids or great-grand-kids that they helped make for a more democratic world?

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